Located at 8 Allworth St, Northgate, Brisbane, QLD, 4103. This facility has 2 levels. The ground floor and warehouse is 439sqm while the first floor is 188sqm. The whole building includes:

2 training rooms
A meeting room
A kitchen
→  3 toilets
→  Lunch area (4 tables, seats 15)
Approximately 8 onsite parking spots
Street parking available

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Training Rooms 1 and 2
These rooms (each) comfortably fit 13 people around a large U shaped desk formation. Behind the desks are large windows spanning the whole back wall, this allows for a very well-lit environment.

The front of the training room comprises of a projector, three white boards and a cord that links your computer to the projector. You must, however, supply your own computer, white board markers and white board erasers.

The room measurements for Training Room 1 is approximately 6m wide by 6m long.
The room measurements for Training Room 2 is approximately 6m wide by 4m long.

Kitchen & Lunch Area
This room includes a refrigerator/freezer, a sink, a drying rack, a hot water system, a bin, a microwave, a kettle, and lots of bench space.

As for cutlery, we provide a selection of mugs, knives, forks, spoons, and plates. You are responsible for providing any and all food or drink.

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